The details

On Saturday afternoons
14:25 Come to or Connect via Zoom to Riverview
14:30 Speaker Series
15:10 Talk, Meditation or Prayer time (optional)
15:30 Sports
16:30 The end
By appointment: one-on-one mentoring sessions*
* Subject to change depending on COVID measures.

Livestreamed from Riverview Study Centre,
a few minutes walk from McGill University, Montreal

For young men in
grade 9 / secondary 3 to grade 12 / CEGEP 1

No charge, but donations to Riverview Study Centre are velcome


Talks are meant to help participants see how their present choices will impact their future life. These talks encourage the students to think of themselves as young men and reflect on who they want to be. Examples of topics: friendship, generosity, study habits, preparing for university, reading, etc.

Speaker Series

These are informal fireside chats (now online) with guests sharing their experience in their field of work, or their knowledge on a relevant issue. This upcoming semester, we are looking forward to host professionals involved in politics, law enforcement, academia, journalism, engineering and global affairs, among others.


Mentors are available to chat with the participants periodically. These one-on-one sessions allow the participant to discuss topics that are relevant for him, such as life at school, study, friendships, summer jobs, university applications or topics that were covered during talks. Over time, the monitors get to know each attendee better and are able to give him advice tailored to his needs. The mentoring sessions are scheduled by appointment and can be offered in person or online

Meditations (optional)

Meditations are moments of conversation with Our Lord, guided by the chaplain of the residence. They last 20 minutes, and are aimed at helping and teaching the students how to pray. Participation in this activity is optional.

Riverview Study Centre

Riverview serves the needs of young men in Montreal since 1968. Its programs foster the balanced development of high school, CEGEP and university students by helping them to become competent, generous and responsible men committed to contributing to the common good of society. Personal excellence, good work and study habits, professional ambition are encouraged in the context of spirit of service, dedication to the family, openness to those in need and love of personal freedom and responsibility. The activities of formation at Riverview are entrusted to the Prelature of Opus Dei, an institution of the Catholic Church that helps men and women seek sanctity in they everyday lives.